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Digital Commissions


Kawaii face emojis/emotes

  • $20 / MYR80 for line drawing and base colouring
  • Additional variation to faces using same line drawing from above + $5 / MYR20

Kawaii characters with body

  • $30 / MYR120 for line drawing of character (no colour)
  • Additional $20 / MYR80 for 2 colour variations


  • Once line drawing is ready, it will be sent for approval.
  • When line drawing is approved I will start with colouring - you may change the variation twice. 
  • All digital files will be given in .png & .jpg formats and hi-res
  • To commission, do send us an e-mail at with reference images and also detailed descriptions and request.
  • We accept bank transfer / PayPal payments.